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A karám vagy a pály végén

tegyetek le egy széket vagy

valamilyen nagyobb tárgyat,

arra pedig egy pohár vizet.

A feladat, hogy a lehető leg-

gyorsabban oda kell lovagol-

ni, hirtelen megállni, leugra-

ni a nyeregből, kiini a vizet,

majd újra nyeregbe pattanni,

és visszavágtatni a starthely-

re. A leggyorsabb nyeri a versenyt.

Hajrá! :)



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Pizza Delivery_(3)

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The athlete grimaced and moaned. It made me harder seeing him how pleased he was."Brad," he said extending his hand, "This is Bill and Phil," nodding at the two cock-worshipers."Mario," I managed to say, still trying to overcome my trepidation.As I was standing next to the lustful trio stroking Brad’s left ass cheek, Jake came from behind and stroked my ass. He was so close, his body touched mine. He reached around and held my hard cock. I leaned against him trapping his cock between my crack and his belly. He rubbed against me while stroking my stick gently. He was hairy but...

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Dmitri's Classmate part 2

(Dastin25917117, 2021.10.13 21:32)

She was warm and wet and he didn’t even feel her teeth on is dick. It was amazing; his nine inch cock slid in her mouth all the way and touched the back of her mouth without her gagging. Exhaling sharply he had to keep himself from cumming then and there as she started sucking. He slid his hands into her red hair and looked into her green eyes. "Use your tongue..." he grunted. "Oh fuck yes..." he started to thrust his hips in and out of her warm willing mouth. His brown eyes looked down into her eyes that despite the fact that she was sucking his cock still looked innocent. His cock started...

Moms Best Mate Pt2

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Mom always joined in but I couldn?bring myself to fuck her. This lead to an interesting situation one night.Beryl and Mom held regular Bridge nights with 2 or 3 of their friends, Ann who was divorced, early 50?and had a nice tight ass, Barbara who was a bit older, nice slim body and Vera who had an even bigger pair of tits than Beryl, I am talking 48?hey were massive and I had always wanted to see them in the flesh.It was a Friday and they had been playing Bridge and drinking wine for a while when I dropped in to the flat, I let myself in as Mom had given me a key and went into the...

Массаж в Киеве

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Train Tramps: The Bachelorette Party

(Vespering3108524, 2021.10.13 15:04)

Back in college, they played a game every week. They all decided to play a game before the bachelorette party. Each member of the foursome is well stacked with thin firm figures and just notable tight abs. They are wearing matching tennis shirts and miniskirts. Cynthia is a bubbly beauty with a sun kissed tan and curly blond hair. Jade is alluring Asian girl with a nice narrow behind and short brown hair. Ayesha is a glamorous golden brown beauty with long black pigtails. Priya is an enchanting shapely slender Indian with long black hair. The wedding planer, Bonnie joins them. She is on...

Katie's Craiglist add

(Confiteor3338709, 2021.10.13 11:47)

I smiled – it was the young professional from the first email. He came down the last three steps and we walked toward each other, I tried to say something in greeting but it came out a squeak. I tried again holding out my hand, "I’m Katie". He took my hand – he must have felt my shaking – and led me to the bed. "You sure you want to do this?" He askedI stammered a shy Yes and guided his hand to my wet panties. "I need it". He began stroking my sodden pussy through the sheer fabric, with his other hand he guided me down to sit on the bed. I looked up at him and he bent his head and we...

Possessed - Part IV

(Temenos6956095, 2021.10.13 08:26)

I ignored them. I needed to get to the hotel. Pushing myself back up I flashed my asshole at a small crowd and heard a scream then rapid footsteps. "OI! What the fuck man!"I thought I was about to be attacked but instead someone from the sauna had run out with a robe which he was trying to push my arms into. I fought him off and staggered off, scraping my shoulder against the brick wall of the shop next door. He tried again and managed to hang it from my shoulders and tie the belt around my waist. Using the wall as a support I made my way along the road. Heads turned to see me and...

Sue, Frank and I (MFM 2)

(Protesian3812868, 2021.10.13 05:04)

I could tell good times were ahead.On the next what was to be a party night Sue was having her period and a bad case of PMSSo we all just sat around, talked and had a few drinks.As usual the talk turned to sex.Sue asked Frank if he had enjoyed watching me fuck her in the ass. He admitted he had and planned on doing her back passage sometimes."Not unless I can do you first." she said."What do you mean?" he asked."I have this strap on I use on hubby sometimes." she answered. "He likes a good anal probe occasionally and bought this for me a while ago. The rod is bigger...

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DNA 2 Chapter 2

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The trick was to threaten lawsuits, not violence. They wouldn't want to risk a lawsuit and they would usually pass the buck to their superior. "You lay one hand on me and I'll sue you and this company for every cent it's got!"The guard advanced on him. Paul stood his ground and tried to hide the fear he felt. The man was huge; he would have dwarfed even Paul's old body. But he seemed to be twice as tall as Paul's new half-female body. "Are you going to leave?""No. I demand to speak your boss.""Fair enough," said the guard and without any warning picked Paul up and put him over one...

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Camarones con Wagyu A5La Capital

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Our liberating holiday - Part 4

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I grasp both her thighs and pull her down until she is squatting over my face, once I can reach I start to lick and suck her pussy.She moans in delight at my ministrations as I suck the discharged cream from her cunt, slurping her delicious nectar into my mouth, savouring her wonderful flavour. I moan into her pussy, relishing in the wonderful attention of Maureen feasting noisily on my clit, doubly intense now I am eating out Alice. Jo kneels beside me, taking one of my nipples into her mouth, drawing the tightening puckered teat between her lips and wiggling her tongue back and forth...

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sexy mom's taste final part

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Ithank for bad and good coments andwill write more stories if you all wouldlike me to go on. If you would like itplease email me to do so. If not I guessI will stop writing. Next morning I got up my mother wasalready out of bed and I could hearher doing something in the kitchen. Iwalked there naked and she didn’thear me sneaking behind her. She wasjust so sexy in her night gown that she was wearing and her ass wasinviting me. I grabbed her from herstomach and slid my cock in herpussy. "My god, you scare…..d me! But don’tyou dare take that cock out of me.Fuck me...

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